About the maker

About the maker



Veroi is an engineer based in Athens, living and working in Northern Attica. She started experimenting with ceramics in 2018 while taking evening classes at a local studio, where she learned how to slip cast, glaze and make sculptural work.

 As the market place  has shifted towards an increasing demand for cheap, high-volume goods, Veroi is investing her time to return to the intimate process of fabricating by hand, which allowed her to best understand the material and its needs. It all started as a hobby but driven by her curiosity to explore and fabricate by hand, she was committed to her craft.


Her quiet, minimalist designs draw inspiration from the natural world, and her attention to detail allows her to channel a peaceful, organic beauty. She always tries to work with restraint, embracing the beauty of simple forms and muted colours.

 Each piece is handmade and shows subtle imperfections inherent to this artisanal process.